4-day Event Related Potentials Analysis Training & Mentoring Workshop

  • 07 Sep 2020
  • 8:30 AM
  • 10 Sep 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • Melbourne CBD


  • only 20 placed are available at this rate.


Please join us for face-to-face training with Professor Juri Kropotov who will visit Australia to teach his 4-day ERP Analysis Workshop in Melbourne. The dates are to be finalised but will be the second week in September 2020. There are reasons to add ERPs into your clinical practice:

  • ERPs show superior diagnostic power in comparison to QEEG. Many ERP components demonstrate high effect sizes for discriminating a patient group from healthy controls. The number of papers exploring ERPs for diagnosis is 10 times larger than of QEEG papers.
  • ERPs technique provides behavioural information such as reaction time and its variability, omission and commission errors, e.g., one can differentiate behavioural pattern of the inattentive ADHD subtype.
  • ERPs indicate the specific operations which are impaired in a particular patient thus providing crucial information for electrode location of neurofeedback, tDCS and TMS techniques.  For example, one can define what part (temporal-parietal or frontal) of the cognitive control system is impaired in ADHD.
  • ERPs also predict a response of the patient to particular medication, e.g., measuring the ERPs before and after application of one dose of psycho stimulant, one can define if the patient is a responder or non-responder.

N.B.: To complete the BMMI Certificate of ERP Analysis, you will need to have 10 hours of case supervision for your skills' development, following completion of the 4-day ERP Didactic Training.

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