Event Related Potentials in clinical practice webinars with Prof. Juri Kropotov

  • 12 Nov 2019
  • 7:25 PM
  • 11 Aug 2020
  • 7:30 AM
  • On-line on Zoom


  • Use this registration if you are an Australia resident for GST tax
    Save AUD 50 by committing to 6 webinars:
    • ERPs and ADHD, 5.30pm Brisbane AEST, Tuesday 12th November
    • ERPs and ASD, 5.30pm BNE AEST, Tuesday 19th November
    • ERPs and Schizophrenia, 5.30pm BNE AEST, Tuesday 26th November
    • ERPs and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, 5.30pm BNE AEST, Tuesday 3rd December
    • ERPs and Alzheimer’s Disease, 5.30pm Brisbane AEST, Tuesday 10th December
    • ERPs and Peak Performance, 5.30pm Brisbane AEST, Tuesday 17th December
  • This is a single webinar registration for Australian residents with goods and services tax applied
  • This is a brief introduction to ERPs and methodology developed by Prof. Jri Kropotov and his Team at the Human Brain Institute in St Petersburg, Russia.
    If you are planning to attend all webinars please register for a bundle of 6 webinars. It will include this free Introduction as well.


 Precision medicine tools for the brain

Event Related Potentials in clinical practice

 webinars with Prof. Juri Kropotov

In these 1-hour webinars, Professor Kropotov will review the methods for ERPs recording, the approaches of extracting latent components, discuss advantages and disadvantages of different ERP databases, and describe cases of different psychiatric conditions. There are 7 webinars in total. The first webinar:

Free Introduction to Event Related Potentials in Clinical Practice

is scheduled for the 

 12th of November 2019 at 6:30 pm Sydney AEDT. 

It will provide an introductory overview of ERPs, their association with stages of information processing and their importance in clinical practice. The subsequent six webinars will address ERPs in  ADHD, ASD, Schizophrenia, OCD, Alzheimer’s Disease and Peak Performance.

It is highly advisable as 

Save $$$  by committing to 6 webinars:

• ERPs and ADHD, 6.30pm  Sydney AEDT, Tuesday 19th November 2019
• ERPs and ASD, 6.30pm Sydney AEDT, Tuesday 26th November 2019
• ERPs and Schizophrenia, 6.30pm  Sydney AEDT, Tuesday 3rd December 2019
• ERPs and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, 6.30pm  AEDT, Tuesday 10th December 2019
• ERPs and Alzheimer’s Disease, 6.30pm Sydney AEDT  Tuesday 17th December

• ERPs and Peak Performance, 6.30pm Sydney AEDT, Tuesday 7th January 2020

Webinars will delivered using Zoom and you will receive a link prior to each webinar. 

If you have difficulties to attend any webinar your will be able to watch the recording

for inquiries please contact Rustam Yumash by email 

or phone: 0413181147 intl:+(61)413181147

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